Remedial massage treatments focus on particular areas of injury or concern. Sessions include an assessment and development of a treatment plan aimed at achieving specific results. There are a variety of techniques used such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release and deep tissue massage. This is not a "go hard or go home" kind of session, we aim to get great results working within your comfort zone. 
30 mins $65   45 mins $80    60 mins $100   90 mins $130


A gentle flowing massage using aromatherapy oils that will carry you away to a place of peace and stillness within. Release tension and stress and leavefeeling restored, revitalised and completely relaxed.
Regular relaxation massage helps maintain a healthy mind-body balance and is helpful in managing depression, anxiety and stress.
Healing massage, combining Reiki and relaxation massage is also offered.
30 mins $65  45 mins $80   60 mins $100    90 mins $130


Pregnancy massage is gentle and nurturing for both mother and baby and will help ease any discomfort, aches & pains and tension, allowing expectant mums the opportunity to relax and heal in a safe and comfortable environment.
60 mins $100    90 mins $130


A blending together of both remedial and relaxation techniques. 
Deep layers of muscle and fascia are released allowing for better range of movement and release of existing adhesions. Each session is unique and where needed extra focus can be given. A wonderful regular maintenance session which is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing.          
30 mins $65   45 mins $80   60 mins $100     90 mins $130                                                                                        


A deep tissue massage incorporating the use of glass fire cups helping lift and release soft tissue adhesions. The vacuum effect of cupping increases blood and lymphatic circulation and replenishes vital nutrients to areas of injury or tension. Cupping sessions help increase healing times and improve mobility.
Please note that cupping sessions will result in discoloration of skin in most cases for approximately one week.
60 mins $100     90 mins $130


Mobile massage is available across the peninsula, for those who enjoy the convenience of having a massage at home or while on holidays. 
Please call Tracey on 0415 138 751 to schedule a mobile appointment or contact via the email link below.
Full fee payment is due at the time of booking and an invoice can be supplied for private health fund claims where appropriate.
60 mins $140     90 mins $180